Stephanie Lyn Photography | Order a package

How To Order A Package

From your favorites

This is the best option if you are wanting to order a package with photos from different albums.


Open your favorites selections. How to select favorites here.

Click "Buy" in the top right hand corner of the page.

That will bring up the shop options. To order from the packages click on "See All" next to PACKAGES to view all the packages you can choose from. 

If you would like prints, digital, home decor scroll down on this page and those options will also be available. 

Once you click on the package you would like to purchase it will bring up a page where you can drag and drop the photos you would like to order for that package. 

Once you are finished with that then click the "Add To Cart" button at the bottom right corner. 



From A Single Photo

Click on the photo thumbnail you would like to start with. Then click the "Buy" button on the top right side. 

After clicking buy the shop options will come up. Click on the "See All" button to view all of the packages and click on the package that you would like to order.

After choosing a package it will bring up the drag and drop option. Drag the photo to the open spots. If you would like other photos in your package click on the "All" tab and it will bring up all the photos in that album. 

If you would like to order photos from multiple albums please use the "From Your Favorites" option at the top of this page. 


Digital Download Packages

Start by selecting the photos you would like to purchase. How to select your favorites here.

Click the "Buy" button from your favorite selections. 

Scroll down on the shop page and click on the "See All" option on the Downloads box. 

The options will be on the top right side of the page. Click the down arrow to view the other options. 

Once you choose the package that you want click on the "Preview" button. 

Once you click the preview button the selection box will come up. If you have more photos in your favorites than the package contains you will choose the photos that you would like to purchase in this package. If you have the correct amount or after you pick the photos you want for this package click on the "Add To Cart" button. 


Any questions please contact me!