Stephanie Lyn Photography | Packages


If a package is not available for an album please contact me and I can make it available.

Individual print prices are found on the prints page.


Print And Specialty Packages

Small Print Package - $15.00

Two 5x7 Prints

One 8x10 Print


Large Print Package - $50.00

Two 11x14 Prints

One 16x20 Print


4x6 Package - $30.00

Ten 4x6 Prints


5x7 Package - $25.00

Five 5x7 Prints


8x10 Package - $35.00

Five 8x10 Prints


Button and Print Package - $15.00

One 3.5" Photo Button

Two 5x7 Prints


Ornament Package - $35.00

Two 2.75" Circle Ornaments



Digital Packages (Under Digital Downloads)

Five 3 Megapixel size Downloads - $50.00

Ten Web Size Downloads - $35.00



Custom Collage Poster Packages

Please note that the only packages available for custom posters are the ones listed below.

Three 8x10 Prints - $40.00

Two 11x14 Prints - $35.00

One 8x10 and One 11x14 - $30.00