Digital Downloads

Phone $1.00
Web $5.00
3 Megapixels $15.00
5 Megapixels $20.00
  • Web size is best for social media only and not printed.
  • 3 Megapixels is best printed at 5x7 or smaller.
  • 5 Megapixels is best printed at 8x10 or smaller.



Custom Tin with CD/DVD $20.00
Custom Tin with USB $35.00
Custom CD/DVD $5.00

For more options visit - Custom Products


When printing you digital files I suggest printing at a professional lab for best results! If you are in the Waterloo/Cedar Falls area there is McKenna Pro and ACI Lab right in town! You can also order from either of those two labs and have the prints shipped to you! 

Bulk ordering of digital files may be available. Please contact for more details.